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Online profit strategies

Excerpts from the Delta Online presentation of "Online Profit Strategies" presented to Wisconsin Community Papers Convention, August 2008

Making sense of the internet begins with MAKING MONEY!

Are you one of those publishers who knows your customers dvertising on the internet but aren't sure how to do it?

You have a lot of company.

Delta Online has developed a vision for the future of newspapers on the internet-and it's based on building profitable websites. That starts with strategies to boost internet advertising sales in your marketplace.

Our understanding of the combined power of print and electronic media help our clients realize optimum results for advertisers and ultimately increased profitability for publishers.

Delta Online will work with you to develop a successful web selling campaign in your market. We bring an experienced sales consultant to your market, armed with tailor-made sales tools to guide your sales staff to success. Delta Online works side-by-side with your sales taff, calling on advertisers and training your sales staff in the intricacies of internet advertising and sales.

This form of sales training helps your staff achieve optimal web sales results and boosts their traditional print selling skills.

Delta Online comes prepared to help you make money on your website from the start.

If you need assistance in building or re-shaping your website, Delta Online serves as an authorized reseller for 1Up! Software, a top publisher-oriented web solution vendor.

Delta Online also works with clients that have existing websites. If you are happy with your current website, but want to find ways to make it more profitable, Delta Online can help.

Why not give us a call today? 920-894-2828.



Delta Online is an authorized 1up! Software reseller for publisher websites and third-party Quick!Sites.

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