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What our clients say.....
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sales team increased our revenue by 300%
It is my great pleasure to recommend the internet sales team of Joe and Mike
Mathes and Pam Biegler of Delta Publications. For three days in the month of
May (2012) Joe and Pam pounded the pavement with our sales team and helped us increase our web advertising revenue nearly 300%.

Profitable site from Day 1!
"I was initially skeptical of inviting an "outsider" into my small market that is largely not trusting of salesmen they have not done business with in the past. After a few conversations over the phone, my fears were greatly put to rest."

Delta Online delivered more than promised
"....Delta Online delivered more than it promised both times we worked with it to plan and execute online sales campaigns to our print advertisers."

Thanks for making our site profitable
" You took the time to help our clients understand our website changes and how they could benefit from using it. We are confident they feel comfortable with the investment they are making."

A quick follow up to a productive week...
"You immersed yourselves in the project and kept us focused. Your efforts have helped us realize a model that will sustain online revenue growth into the future."

STATELINE 411 - GoGedit! sales campaign a success
"You had one of our sales reps so pumped up that she closed three more deals on the Monday following your visit, and it was ALL new business!"

Tremendous job in Taylorville
......the greatest reward from this venture was the rejuvenation of a weary staff. I saw and felt an energy during the week that you were here that I have not seen in decades, an energy that I believe will carry over into our print sales as well.


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